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  • vkqnxvumdh on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Mario on

    Marie F. Rhodes Posted on Dear David,Truly David I can not tell you how much I respect the work you do. My life is made so much rihcer and more meaningful by NHNE. There is no one who knows me that I have not informed them about your web pages. I think it is the greatest news source I can find on subjects that are powerfully meaningful to me. I was asked to give a talk at a physics class at American River College this Monday on UFO. I would much rather be talking about my Near Death Experience as that seem more spiritual to me. When I started thinking about UFO experiences it became pretty clear they had many things in common. I never thought about that before.Much of it has come to pass what seemed so beyond knowledge or at least scientific knowledge at the time. Both for me were positive Awakening experiences. Both gave me a greater Connectedness to mankind. They were transforming experiences. Both seemed to be different dimensions of reality outside of time. Both leave you feeling you are so much more than just physical form, you part of vast expansive universe both internally and externally. In truth I feel they were both deeply spiritual experiences.These two experiences laid the ground work for what later became my greatest passion for spiritual truth that came to me by way of Meher Baba, ACIM and The Way of Meher Mastery. The experiences I have had over years of study from these sources have lead me to believe their is nothing but God. It has left me feeling like some times I am just a drop from the ocean and other times like I am the ocean it’s self. The most important thing I have learned and which I try to live, is the purpose of life is to LOVE. I am so happy and thrilled to be a part of the time we live in now. Again Thank You David for all you have done and for all the happiness you given me through NHNE.

  • Suresh babu alla on

    Hare Meher hare Meher. Meher Meher hare hare, Beloved Meher beloved Meher. Beloved. Beloved.

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