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LORD MEHER - Set of 8 volumes By Bhau Kalchuri (HC) - Meher Book House

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LORD MEHER - Set of 8 volumes By Bhau Kalchuri (HC)

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Only a Perfect Person who has attained the divine state of sahaj samadhi (God-consciousness plus creation-consciousness) can understand the life of the Avatar (the direct descent of God into a male human body). An ordinary person clothed in ignorance can never gauge the Avatar’s infinitude. The life of the Avatar on earth is beyond conception, for who can have any idea of his inner, Universal working? Still, by his strolling about in the realm of this world and by his outer work and activity, the Song of Wine rises up to link the singer with infinity and inspire him to cross the ocean of maya.

Each act of the Avatar is his leela, or play, in his cosmic game. In Lord Meher, every effort has been made to delineate a picture of this. Lord Meher includes not only a historical study of Meher Baba’s advent from the beginning, but also my personal experience of being in his close contact day and night for many years. Above all, this work is the fulfillment of Meher Baba’s direct instruction to me to write his biography. Since I was a witness to Meher’s leela on the physical plane, the events imprinted in my mind and heart took shape in black and white in the fulfillment of his wishes. But the culmination of this writing, in accordance with his orders, was only possible through his help.

I am deeply indebted to Adi K. Irani, Meher Baba’s secretary for many years, who placed his office records at my disposal and allowed Feram Workingboxwala to assist me. Feram was the record-keeper of Meher Baba’s correspondence and messages at Adi’s office, so his help was much appreciated.

I bow down to the love of the following of my kith and kin who furnished me with information for Lord Meher:

  • Meherazad women mandali: Mehera (indirectly), Meheru (indirectly), Mani, Goher, Rano, Naja
  • Meherazad men mandali: Eruch, Baidul, Aloba, Pendu
  • Meherabad mandali: Padri, Mansari, Sidhu
  • Ahmednagar mandali: Adi Sr., Chhagan, Sarosh, Feram

I made personal contacts and gathered stories from many flowers of the Beloved’s Garden. Those who shared the fragrance of their love for him with me include:

  • Meherabad: Jangle Master, Nana Kher, Sushila, Tara Dalvi
  • Arangaon: Bhau Cheema, Lala Kamble, Ramaji Kamble
  • Ahmednagar: Bhagirath & Kokila Tiwari, Dhake, Meheru Mehta, Nusserwan Satha, Rangole, Rustom Kaka, Waman Padale and my wife Rama, daughter Sheela and son Mehernath Kalchuri
  • Bombay: Khorshed K. Irani, Alamai Katrak, Arnavaz & Nariman Dadachanji,Asthma, Dina Talati, Homa & Nargis Dadachanji, Jal & Dolly Dastur, Katie Irani, Raosaheb Afseri, Jim & Roda Mistry, Savak & Nergiz Kotwal, Minoo, Bapai & Meher Desai
  • Poona: Beheram & Perinmai, Jalbhai, Rustom & Sohrab Irani, Babu Cyclewalla, Jehangu & Gulnar Sukhadwalla, Meherjee, Sadashiv Patil, Gaimai, Manu & Meherwan Jessawala

Written information was utilized from: Adi Sr., Ajoba, Pandoba, Bal Natu, Pukar, Kishan Singh, Dr. Ghani, Vishnu, Nilu, Dr. Donkin, Chanji, Ramjoo

Through correspondence, I contacted: Dr. Deshmukh, Pophali, Kumar, Keki Nalavala, Keshav Nigam, Shripat Sahai, Matra Dutta Shastri, Gunatai Gadekar.

In the end, I bow to the love for the Beloved of all those who played roles in his divine game, in both the East and the West, and made it possible for me to record for posterity the history of this Avataric advent.

Bhau Kalchuri

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