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MEDITATION for A New Humanity By Meher Baba

Rs. 500.00

This powerful book on meditation for a new humanity of meditators offers invaluable insights and practical strategies for meditation. The book opens with a rare discourse of Meher Baba and continues to explain in detail the subtleties of meditation, without compromising on the Goal: "every hour, every minute, one must crave for God, as a drowning man craves for life." Meher Baba promises that "meditation. . . done in the cause of Truth never goes in vain."

Meher Baba's discourse on meditation is narrated on the accompanying CD followed by a guided meditation, based on Meher Baba's teachings, by Naosherwan Anzar. In his discourses on meditation, Meher Baba, often with great emphasis, shows the practical way towards direct work on oneself, points our the pitfalls on the spiritual path, and provides means for a better understanding of the inner conditions that are indispensable on the pathway to God-realization.

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