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THE REAL TREASURE -VI By Rustom B. Falahati (English)

Rustom B.Falahati

THE REAL TREASURE -VI By Rustom B. Falahati (English)

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Life of a Resident with Avatar Meher Baba's Mandali . Rustom Falahati  a Marine engineer narrates his experience of how he applied the messages of the Mandali to his Life and how it helped him make Baba's remembrance an integral and important part of his daily Life.

 Book consists of 195 pages with two sections. The first section, as in the previous volumes, consists of accounts of the Mandali's interaction with the residents. The second section consists of an account of Keki Desai's life with Baba. This was compiled by combining notes which Keki has made with Meher's remembrance of stories which she had heard her dad tell over the years. Rather than present it as one long account, I have broken it up into many small sections, even when the sections don't make up a 'story' as such. I hope the reader finds this section enjoyable and instructive. As Meherwan conveyed, it is a rare glimpses into Baba's activities during the New Life.”

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