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ART BOOK - SAMADHI By Homyar J.Mistry-Homz (Hard Bound) - Meher Book House

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ART BOOK - SAMADHI By Homyar J.Mistry-Homz (Hard Bound)

Rs. 5,000.00

The Coffee Table Book takes the reader to 1923, when Baba arrives first time to Meherabad.It also mentions changes  - how khadda to Crypt to Dome to Tomb to Shrine to Samadhi - it became. The Samadhi Coffee Table Book illustrates so much happening at the Upper Meherabad Hill. Samadhi structure is not just a Grave of Master but very much a live place and Baba shows His presence in innumerable ways which are captured for the reader who would become a visitor one day. 

 The Book ends with a reminder once again - how essential it is to find a Master to fulfil the goal of life. Finally Book ends with the splendid Samadhi panorama  Quoting Baba...We shall think speak and do things which we shall not hesitate in HIS presence.

60 Sheets of Visual Treat of Avatar Meher Baba's Samadhi and its surroundings.Neatly Packed in cardboard Box and a Zipper Bag.

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