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WONDERS  OF SILENCE  by Dr.Moorthy (PB) - Meher Book House

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Many had the pure pleasure of hearing Dr. Moorty speak during his first visit to the West in the spring and summer of 2004. The combination of his humor and his heartfelt memories of times with his beloved Meher Baba touched and tickled us all.

Known to many by the name Baba lovingly called him, "The Talkative Disciple of the Silent Master", Dr. Moorty's delightful stories are now available in the first part of his book. The second part shares precious correspondence with Meher Baba and some of the mandali, often as scanned images of the actual handwritten letters. In the third part of the book Dr. Moorty, previous student of Dr. Deshmukh, explores the mystery of Baba's Silence. And as a new part to this second edition of The Wonders of Silence, Moorty recalls with photos and fond memories his trip to the West.

2nd Edition. Published 2005.

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